LIV-FLAX 500 mg
Soft Gel Capsules of FLAX SEED OIL
( Cold Pressed and Purified )

Omega 3 is not produced in Human Body. It is received from food. Present food habits will not always provide required quantity of Omega 3, This leads to cumulative toxicity, vascular diseases, cancer and so many other major disorders.

It is Absolutely Essential for body metabolism, De-Toxify Body and Slacken Ageing Process

FLAX SEED is the Highest Known Source Of Omega - 3 Fatty Acids from Vegetative Origin. Six Times Richer in Omega 3 Fatty acid than Common Fish Oil

Provide in one serving of 500mg. 2soft gels.


Alfa Linoleic Acid ( Omega 3 ) (ALA) 450mg

Linoleic Acid ( Omega 6 ) 110mg

Oleic Acid ( Omega 9 ) 110mg

Linoleic Acid ( Omega 6 ) 110mg

Oleic Acid ( Omega 9 ) 110mg

Health Benefits:

1. It is an Excellent Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

2. Control High LDL Cholesterol and increase HDL.

3. Reduce Risk of Cancer.

4. Guard against the effects of Ageing.

5. Control Blood Pressure.

6. skin Healing and Soothening.

7. Minimize Nerve Damage that Causes Numbness and tingling.

8. Treat Menopausal Symptoms, Menstrual Cramps, female infertility and endometriosis.

9. Fight prostrate problems, male infertility and impotence.

10.Helps Detoxification of entire system.