LIV-VCO 1000 mg
Virgin Coconut Oil Soft Gel Capsule
( Cold Process )

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL One of the most dependable and natural source of antioxidants - Which can DE-Toxify your body from ingested and inhaled harmful Oxidants, pesticides, heavy metals, and REFRESH YOUR BIO - System

VCO is extracted below Ambient Temperature and in most Hygienic environment to preserve its WHOLE NATURAL TREASURES - Fatty Acids like LAURIC Acid ( The natural immunizing agent in mothers Brest Milk ) , Vitamins, Proteins, Amino acids, Minerals


Medium Chain Triglycerides ( MCT )

Lauric Acid : 40 - 50%

Capric acid : 4-5-5%

Oleic Acid : 6-7%

Palmitic Acid : 8-10%

( All Medium Chain fatty Acids )

Health Benefits:

1. Support Immune System.

2. Anti Bacterial, Anti fungal and Anti fungal and Anti Viral.

3. Help protect against cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases

4. Support Cardio Vascular Health.

5. Support Thyroid Found even reversed Hyperthyroidism.

6. Helps in Dementia

7. Helps healing wounds - with high collagen linking

8. Staph- Fighter Even against Colonized Staphylococcus Aurius

9. Prevents Stretch marks- Especially after Pregnancy

10. Moisturize and soothen skin. On application, fight rashes, dermatitis, acne, wrinkles, eczema, etc

11. prevent premature ageing of skin.

12. Help to improve Health of Hair, strengthen strands, reduce protein loss, control alopecia by its anti - microbial activity

13. Helps digestive system Fight irritable Bowl syndrome, Constipationand indigestion - Assist nutrient absorption with in the body.