LIVODATE Inj. 15%, 20ml vial


Disodium Edetate Inj.

Edetate Disodium Inj.

Edethamil Disodium Inj.

The "Dare Hunter" to enter the deepest cell to Scavenge the Deadly Heavy Metals and Free Radicals from the Hide outs.

The Ultimate CHELATING agent to DETOXIFY Living Body- From hazards of cumulative poisoning from Heavy Metals and agony of excess Di and Tri Valent Metals. Protects Body from Hyper Magnecimia, Hyper Calcemia, and mischiefs of free elemental Calcium. A Holistic Approach to Re vitalize and rejuanate Living Bio System.

Complies with I.P, B.P, and USP standards.

Presentation - DISODIUM EDETATE Inj. LP 3.0 G in 20ml vial (15%)

  • Free of Preservatives
  • Sterile Non Pyrogenic
  • Single Dose Container
  • Top Bio Availability Assured.
  • Manufactured Under Aseptic Technique
  • Most Precise pH Range of 7.0 +/- 0.2

LIVOCEEInj. 250mg/ml, 20ml vial.

Ascorbic Acid Inj

Vit. C Inj.

  • Augments Oxidation Reduction reactions in the body
  • Augment Collagen formation, repair of tissues and lesions.
  • Promote Tyrosine Metabolism, convert Folic acid into Folinicacid
  • Promote Carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Promote synthesis of lipids and proteins.
  • Resist infections and augment cellular respiration.
  • Promote iron metabolism and augments Scores of other Anabolic activities.

Complies with I.P, B.P, U.S.P standards.

Presentation - Ascorbic acid Injection. 100mg/ml, 5ml ampoule Packing - 5ml x 50 Ampoules.


  • No preservative added.
  • Formulation Protected from light.
  • Filled in absolute Inert atmosphere to prevent deterioration
  • Sterile and Pyrogen free.
  • Single dose container.
  • Top Bio-availability assured.
  • pH set between 6.5to 7.0
  • Thickening agents/co-so/vents like monothioglycerol avoided.
  • Has lower osmotic pressure compared to competitive brands provides more flexibility in Isotonic protocols.

Caution: Protect from light. Open the ampoule with caution preferably wrapped in thick sterile linen/fabric.