GLUTATHIONE Inj. 600 mg.

  • One of the most potent Anti Oxidant and a well accepted skin Lightening and Whitening Anti- Melanogenic Agent. Glutathione is present in intracellular in its reduced form as GSH and plays important role in physiological and biochemical functions.
  • Darkness of the skin depends on the concentration of skin pigment Melanin synthesized in the basal level of epidermis. GLUTATHIONE inhibits the activity of enzyme tyrosinase which leads to the synthesis of Eumelanin which is Black- Brown and enhance the synthesis of Pheomelanin which is yellow-red.
  • It also combats UVR induced stimulation of melanin and modulates the depigmentation abilities of other agents.
  • Proposed Dosage:
  • Intravenous: 600 mg reconstituted with 5 ml water for inj., further diluted with 100 ml NS/D5 – to be administrated as I.V. within 30 minutes of reconstitution.
  • Intra Muscular: 600 mg reconstituted in 5 ml wfi and to be injected as I.M slowly preferably in gluteal region.