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Liv-Bio-Pharma is an associated organization of KOKAD PHARMA LTD.We deal exclusively Chelation Therapy products.Our motto is to provide High Quality Chelating Agents and other Injectables used in Chelation Treatment with Topmost Bio-Availability after Re-constitution by providing products without Preservatives.

Liv-FLAX 500 mg
Omega 3 is not produced in Human Body. It is received from food. Present food habits will not always provide required quantity of Omega 3, This leads to cumulative toxicity, vascular diseases, cancer and so many other major disorders.
Liv-VCO 1000 mg
VIRGIN COCONUT OIL One of the most dependable and natural source of antioxidants - Which can DE-Toxify your body from ingested and inhaled harmful Oxidants, pesticides, heavy metals, and REFRESH YOUR BIO - System
Liv-F0 500 mg
OMEGA 3 Fatty acids are not Synthesized in Human body But are Vital Normal Metabolusm of Human Body:
Healthy Brain and Memory
Brain Development in Fetuses, Neonates and Children