Livocar Plus

  • L Carnitine L Tartrate – The best Bio available form of Levo Carnitine- Helptransportation of fat into Mitochondria for better energy production.
  • Co enzyme Q 10 also hasimilar activity and protectcells, mitochondria and whole body from Oxidative stress. Alpha Lipoic Acid ione of the most potent Anti-Oxidant.
  • Magnesium iessential for the healthy function of Muscles- esp. Cardiac Muscles.
  • Zinc- An essential Trace element-Vitally important for many Hormone – Enzyme Synthesis, proper body growth, maintenance, and to boost immune system. It also helps in proper spermatogenesis, psoriasis, eczema, acne etc.
  • Selenium an essential trace element- A powerful antioxidant, may protect against Heart Disease, Mental decline, Thyroid Health, Boost immune System.
  • Piperine Improveabsorption of the nutrients, improves metabolism.

Each Tablet contains
L Carnitine L Tartrate. 250 mg
Alpha lipoic acid 150 mg
CoQ10(Ubiquinone) 50 mg
Magnesium Aspartate 200 mg
Zinc Bisglycinate (equivalent to Zn) 2.5 mg
Sodium Selenate (equivalent to selenium) 5 mcg
Piperine 95% 2.5 mg