LIVOKINASE (Nattokinase Tablets)

  • Nattokinase is a NATURAENZYME-
  • It dissolves excess fibrin in blood vessels, which improves circulation, dissolves blood clots
  • and reduces the risk of serious clotting
  • Increases HD(good cholesterol), optimizes cholesterolevels and has no side effects.
  • Decreases blood viscosity, which in turn improves blood flow and subsequently lowers
    blood pressure
  • Exerts “considerably stronger thrombolytic activity” comparable to that of another well- known blood thinner: aspirin, a remedy known to trigger bleeding and gastric ulcers.
  • Can be absorbed by intestinatract when taken orally
  • Help lowering systolic and diastolic Blood pressure.
  • Although human body produces severaenzymes for making blood clots, it produces only one enzyme — plasmin — for dissolving them. As ageing progress, the production of plasmin reduces and fibrin leveincreases making blood more prone to coagulation and clotting.”Nattokinase resembles plasmin and cleaves fibrin and dissolves the clot directly.