DETOX(Natural chelator, Neurotonic Detox & Immunity Booster)

  • DETOX AND NOURISHMENT: Why detoxification of our body ? We live in a world filled with toxins, our environment is contaminated with these harmfuchemicals. Air, water and our food chain is contaminated with heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, which have taken up resistance in our body and interfere with our optimum health. Liv Bio’s Detox is formulated to detox our body of these foreign substances along with accumulated waste in order to optim’ healthy bodily function and healing.
  • CHLORELLA EXTRACT: Chlorella primarily known as detoxifying supplements, it may help to remove heavy metals and pollutants from the body by its unique properties. It is used to boost the immune system and energy levels for althe ages.
  • CELANTRO (CORIANDER) EXTRACT: One of the most effective and proved chelating agent and anti oxidant of vegetative origin – Abundant source of minerals and vitamins.
  • MILK THISTLE EXTRACT: Liv Bio’s Detox contains silymarin and silybin which helps in protecting liver functioning and liver detoxification. It also may help to regenerate liver cells and fight fatty liver.
  • GINKO BILOBA Extract: Ginko Biloba contains high leveof Glycosides and Terpenes, the benefits of ginko for memory improvement, stay mentally sharp and ward of dimenta an Alzheimer’s prevention.
  • CITRUS BIO-FLAVOINOIDS: Citrus bio flavoinoids may help to lower both cholestroand triglycerides levels, it may also help protecting brain function and lowereing heart diseases risk.
  • LIPASE AND CATALYSE: Lipase is disgestive enzyme that fights major diseases, lipase can naturally help to overcome major digestive disorders and overalhealth can really be optimal. Catalase is a super antioxidant, it may help to improve life span.